Tuesday, 29 March 2011

How can I extract the hour, minute and seconds from AX2009 time?

static void time(Args _args)
TimeIn _TimeIn;
int hourInt, minuteInt , SecondInt;
str s;

_TimeIn = str2time('5:45');

s = time2str(_TimeIn,0,0);

hourInt= str2int(substr(s,0,2));
info(strfmt("%1" ,hourInt));
minuteInt= str2int(substr(s,4,2));
info(strfmt("%1" ,minuteInt));
SecondInt= str2int(substr(s,7,2));
info(strfmt("%1" ,SecondInt));


Sunday, 27 March 2011

How to get current language of AX2009?

using following code

info( infolog.language());

How to refresh data source Table level method?

object Table1_ds;
Table1_ds = Table1.dataSource();

if(Table1_ds )


Sunday, 20 March 2011

How to refresh parent form data Source against child form button clicked

On Parent form data source write a method “refreshDatasource “


void refreshDatasource ()





Step: 2

On child form click button write following code

Void Clicked




Steps to Create Number Sequence on form using Table Level Methods in Microsoft Dynamics Ax2009

I will describe these steps with example in this example I have two Tables “Table1” and “Parameter Table” OR NumberSequenceReferenceone extend data type “Test” and “form1”.

Step1: Add one field in Table 1

Filed1 using extend data type Test

Write two methods on Table 1

Let suppose name are numberSeqFormHandleFiled1(Parameter1,Parameter2) and


Step 2: Write one method on Parameter Table OR NumberSequenceReference


Detail code of all methods

static client server NumberSequenceReference numRefFiled1 ()


return NumberSeqReference::findReference(typeId2ExtendedTypeId(typeid(Test)));



public NumberSeqFormHandler numberSeqFormHandleFiled1 (FormRun _element, FormDataSource

_ Table 1_ds)


NumberSeqFormHandler numberSeqFormHandlerfiled1;


numberSeqFormHandlerfiled1= NumberSeqFormHandler::newForm(ParameterTable::numRefFiled1().NumberSequence,


_Table 1_ds,

fieldnum(Table1, Field1)


return numberSeqFormHandlerfiled1;


OR you can replace ParameterTable to NumberSequenceReference

numberSeqFormHandlerfiled1= NumberSeqFormHandler::newForm(NumberSequenceReference::numRefFiled1().NumberSequence,


_Table 1_ds,

fieldnum(Table1, Field1)

public void formMethodDataSourceCreate(FormRun _element, Object _Table1_ds)


this.numberSeqFormHandlerField1(_element, _Table1_ds).formMethodDataSourceCreate();


Step 3: Drag Table1 on form1 as data source

Override “Create “ method of Table1 data source

In create method write following code

public void create(boolean _append = false)