Saturday, 17 May 2014

Using AIF Inbound and Out Bound service check Exception in Ax2012

I used AIF inbound service when any error occurred in AIF. Errors did not  shown in exception window of AIF. Errors must be looks like a following screen but in my case it's shown empty.

In my scenario
few lines of code is missing inside this class i.e "AxdLedgerGeneralJournal" in method of "prepareForSave" those lines are following

Find a char in string and replace new char using x++ in Ax2012

In following example we are find a char i.e "," in string and replace this char with new one char i.e ".".

static void FindCharAndRepalce(Args _args)

    str a;
    int pos;
    a     = "100,00";
    pos =  strFind(a, ',',1, strLen(a));
    a     =  strDel(a,pos,1);
    a     =  strIns(a,'.',pos);

Saturday, 3 May 2014

SSRS Report does not display any records in Report Viewer Ax2012

A customize report which also contain sub reports that report is unable to view in report viewer  but when we saved it in PDFs or printer preview it's printable and records are printed on it.

 in my case report contain image in header and it's have some issue in logo i removed it and report view successfully. I also check the following link.

Security Role assign in Ax2012

Last few days i am facing following issue
I have assigned multiple roles to a user Like " Human Resource Assistant" and "Human Resource Manager". when i was assigned these roles to a user then on worker or Employee form i am unable see the records of  personal contract i.e Phone and address.
But when i assign system admin role then it's shown . I have  had also drag all tables related to this personal contract information in side the above roles but no effect .

Go to the following path and open window assigned your required roles 
Organization administration -->setup---> Global address book parameter